Our L-Bow mk2 rear lights are back in stock !

The L-Bow company was formed to produce potentially life saving safety Bike lights ....

The L-Bow bike light company is based in London, United Kingdom.

The 'L-bow' rear bike light was born out of witnessing a very dangerous cycling near miss due to a car getting dangerously close to a rider, more commonly known now as a 'CLOSE PASS'.

Founder and CEO Sean Whiffin thought that there has to be a simple solution to give cyclists more space and make them far more visible to approaching drivers from behind. So pen was put to paper and the L-bow rear bike light was designed.

Our aim is to make your journey on a bike as safe as possible !

The L-Bow provides effortless safety without overwhelming cyclists with controls


CEO Sean Whiffin

Giving traffic the L-bow since 2014