Fully responsive swivel joint in case of knocks or bangs

Adjustable to all countries. The patent-pending ball joint allows you to align the L-Bow to 3 main positions : right for left-hand traffic, left for right-hand traffic, and upright for tight traffic, while any unwanted knock will be handled with a sturdy recoil. 

6 Light settings

The L-bow isn't just for night time as it protects you from traffic in all hours. It has several settings … bright light for daytime time, different flashing modes and solid mode

Adjustable to all round seatposts

Safely positioned out the way of moving parts including legs the L-bow attaches to the seatpost of your bicycle. High quality rubber packing strips can be inserted into the bracket to adjust to your seatpost size.  If you require a custom aero mount please contact us 

USB rechargable Lithium Ion Batteries

The lighting component is detachable for security and rechargeable with a simple micro USB cable. The USB port is sealed with a clever clip for waterproof use at all times.

Want drivers to give you more room when passing?

 The L-Bow Rear Bike Light  encourages motorists to pass you at a safer distance , 1.5 metres is considered the minimum distance.

The eye catching L-Bow Rear Bike Light helps drivers to see you sooner and judge where you and your bike space begins. 

Extend your road presence and be highly visable to motorists

145 hrs rechargeable battery

Get up to 145 hours out of one charge !

Complies with U.K Bicycle laws with up to 80 lumens

Anti-trip ball joint

The trailblazing rear safety light is now available

L-Bow rear light

Highly to all road users

Encourage traffic to pass at a safe distance