Giving traffic the L-BOW


Giving traffic the L-BOW


Durable, patented magnetic connector

A strong yet flexible quick-release magnetic connector allows L-BOW to move out the way when needed and protects it from any falls, bumps, or scrapes. It also makes L-BOW super-quick to remove for safekeeping in just a few seconds.

360° of motion

Since L-BOW MK2 is not fixed rigidly, it allows a full-range of motion, so it can be positioned any direction. 

Slim design, universal fit

L-BOW MK2 is made to fit around any standard seat post and still leave lots of room for height adjustment. For those who ride with the seat all the way down, there is also an optional seat-adaptor that connects directly to the back of the seat. 

Quick-Release connector

The patented Quick-Release magnetic connector allows you to connect and disconnect L-BOW MK2 in seconds, saving valuable time and preventing theft.

Shock-proof design

Extend your road presence and be highly visable to motorists

145 hrs rechargeable battery

Get up to 145 hours out of one charge !

Up to 130 lumens

Anti-trip patented magnetic mount